Insurance Recruiting Nationwide

Today’s battle for talent has never been more competitive as employers face increasingly severe shortages of qualified workers.

LaMorte Search has been a successful and well respected recruiting firm in the insurance industry since 1986. Our experience in the industry has allowed us to continually serve our clients on a national basis giving them a strategic advantage to hire the most talented and high achieving candidates.

At LaMorte Search, we emphasize and value the relationships that we build and cultivate with our clients. We view them as partners in the search and placement process and take the proactive steps necessary to build a solid business relationship. We take pride in knowing and understanding everything we can about our client’s employees, culture, and the way they prefer to conduct business.

Our team speaks to “active” candidates but we also pursue “passive candidates” who fit your requirements, are happy with their current position and not aggressively looking for a new job. Casting this wider net allows you to see the entire marketplace and consistently make the finest hiring choice.

What we do for Clients

  • Familiarize ourselves with your culture and goals
  • Review the open job requirements
  • Prescreen Candidates to fit your specific job requirements
  • Present prospective Candidate(s) that fit your job requirements
  • Review Candidate(s) with you in detail
  • Setup Interview(s) with Candidate(s)
  • Debrief Interviewer and Candidate after interview
  • Discuss Offer details and Start Date
  • Present offer to Candidate
  • Continued follow-up with Clients and Candidates